Why Dennis Family Butchery?

TOP QUALITY For a stamp of quality on your plate, look no further than Dennis Family Butchers from Philip Dennis Foodservice.

EXPERTLY PREPARED  Our team of experienced in-house butchers ensure whatever you buy has been skilfully prepared and expertly packaged.

ADDING A PREMIUM customers are keen to know the provenance of their food. At Dennis Family Butchers we try and source our top-quality beef as locally as possible, through our Westcountry PGI and Exmoor National Park Beef projects.

THE HIGHEST STANDARDS Our aim is to provide our customers with high quality meat from sustainable farms. We work closely with farmers and our network of suppliers to ensure they meet our high standards of animal welfare and processing.

EXTENSIVE CHOICE In addition to our premium meat cuts, at our purpose built, state of the art facilities, we freshly prepare a large range of sausages and burgers.

Everything that comes from Dennis Family Butchers is prepared by experienced professionals employing traditional skills in high-tech surrounding. Butchery manager Phil Dunn talks about the best butchers on the block.

With over 200 years' collective experience in his cutting room, Phil Dunn, butchery manager at Dennis Family Butchers, is right proud of his team. 'I work with a fantastic group of highly skilled, motivated people', he says. 'They're dedicated to the customers' needs, show huge attention to detail, and are very quick and efficient. Some of them have trained for years to get to the level they are at now'.

Key to building a team like this is getting the right people in the first place. Phil himself has 30 years' butchery experience, so he knows what he's looking for. 'Good butchers are like gold dust nowadays', he says. 'So I'll go to great length to get the right people, then we continually train them so they get even better'.

Of course, it's not all about traditional skills at Dennis Family Butchers - the equipment Phil's team uses in the cutting room, built in 2010, is thoroughly modern. 'The building and equipment we use are state-of-the-art, and a privilege to work with', he says. 'So what we product is scrupulously clean, and conforms to exceptional hygiene standards'.

For Dennis Family Butchers' customers, all of this means that what they get is of the highest quality. 'We start with the best meat we can get, then my butchers make sure that our customers can use everything they pay for. There'll be no bits they don't want, or unnecessary fat' says Phil. 'And they can rely on every bit of our meat being totally safe. I'm really product of what we're achieving here. I'm happy to shout about it from the rooftops!'